HS2 Update from the front line

Herfordshire County Council have obtained substantial safeguards and assurances from HS2.
Hertfordshire County Council in March of this year petitioned the House of Lords objecting to the HS2 proposals in and around West Hyde and Maple Cross.
In a last minute flurry of activity prior to the House of Lords select committee hearing scheduled for 26 October the Hertfordshire County Council negotiating team secured a raft of safeguards and undertakings from the Secretary of State for Transport.
The assurances covered the following areas of concern.
● Chiltern tunnel construction
● Public Rights of Way
● Assumed heights of mitigation earthworks
● Restoration scheme
● Traffic management
● Tree planting
● Air quality
● Hoardings
● Fauna and land management impacts
● Chalfont Lane
● Corn Buntings

The letter of assurance with accompanying statements can be viewed here.