TRDC Exceeded their ‘net cost of district services’ Budgets by an average of 6.5% for the past 8 years.

It is concerning that the Liberal Democrat County Council Candidate for Rickmansworth West and Chairman of the Audit committee was unable to recognise the figures published in the March InTouch (copy available from here). The figures provided by the Finance Department at TRDC and recently reconfirmed as accurate show that the Liberal Democrat administration have overspent their “net cost of district services” budgets by an average of 6.5% for the past 8 years. These budgets reflect the net costs of all the services TRDC provide. The fact that they have been overspent means that the administration have been unable to set realistic budgets or have been unable to control their costs. Either way if repeated at the County Council would represent an average overspend of £52 million per annum.