Ringway Contract Extension

Ringway’s term contract requires them to deliver the following services in accordance with Hertfordshire County Council’s requirements:

  • Maintain the Highway in a safe and serviceable Condition by:
  • Repairing Potholes, fixing trip hazards and repairing street lighting defects under the Cat 1 service.
  • Mitigate the impact of Cat 1 defects by investing in Cat 2 repairs within the budget proved by the County Council
  • Undertake Cat 5 cyclical services such as grass cutting and drain cleaning
  • Provide the Winter road gritting service

Ringway are not responsible for the general condition of the Highway. Its condition is principally determined by the level of investment in resurfacing our roads (Integrated Works Programmer) which is undertaken by the County Council through its term contractors not Ringway.  

Cabinet Member for Highways commented,

“The proposal to extend the Ringway Contract has been recommended by a Management Panel consisting of senior officers who have undertaken a 12 month review of the Service and the options available to the council including re-procurement.

“The Council also appointed an independent and eminently qualified external examiner who also reviewed all the evidence considered by the Management Panel and came to the same conclusion that it would be in the best interest of the Council and the residents of Hertfordshire that the Ringway contract be extended for the period provided for in the contract.

Independent Service Review (report)